Guild of Canadian Weavers

MEMBER BenEfits and services

Membership in the Guild of Canadian Weavers is open to anyone interested in hand weaving.  The membership fee is paid for the calendar year of January 1 to December 31.  If you apply after October 31st, your membership will be applied to the following year (unless current year is requested).  New members will receive the current newsletter publications and samples plus a GCW Handbook that includes our Library List along with information about the Master Weavers Testing Program.

We offer both Personal and Guild Memberships. See below for full details.


Personal Membership

  • Quarterly publication of The Bulletin - Available in both English & French

  • Woven samples with every publication - Our dedicated volunteers provide a years worth of woven samples with accompanying draft notes to be included with every newsletter

  • Access to the GCW library, where we offer past publications of the The Bulletin, books, periodicals on textiles, special studies, sample collections and videos.

  • Members may work through the GCW Master Weavers Certificate Program.  The testing including a Basic, Intermediate, Senior and Master level accreditation.

  • Volunteer and serve on committees - A great way to meet weavers from across the nation!

  • Obtain voting privileges by sitting on the Board of Management - A minimum 2-year consecutive membership is required for consideration

  • Scholarships & Awards - For Scholarships a minimum 2-year consecutive membership is required for consideration

  • GCW Member 'meet & greets' at regional conferences

  • Participate in our yearly weaving exchange

We are also working toward launching these additional services soon:

  • Online listing for our handweavers with small businesses

  • Full bilingual services

  • Mentorship programming


GUILD Membership

  • Affiliate guild memberships receive our handbook, quarterly Bulletin with woven sample, and access to the GCW library.

  • Our affiliate guilds are eligible to apply for guild scholarships after two consecutive years of membership.

  • Affiliate guilds are not eligible to take the Guild of Canadian Weavers test examinations, nor sit on the board of management.

Membership fee for Affiliate Memberships are the same as for regular Full Memberships.


Membership Rates

(Listed in Canadian Dollars)

Canadian - $35
US Residents - $46
International - $54