Article Submissions


Article Requirements

  • Articles and personal ads may be submitted in a word document format.

  • For personal ads, please see Advertise to find a size that's right for you.

  • For articles, 250 - 500 words is typical for a quarter to half page size.

  • Please submit accompanying photos as separate jpg files. If you have a specific location in your article where you would like a photo to appear, please indicate using [image_name.jpg].

  • It is preferred that you submit photos in their original format (without downsizing or cropping) to maintain best the possible quality for printing.

To submit an article, please contact:
GCW Editor, Dani Ortman.


General submissions are accepted at anytime and will be published as space permits.
For time sensitive submissions please reference these deadlines:

  • Spring . . . . February 15th

  • Summer . . . May 15th

  • Fall . . . . . . . August 15th

  • Winter . . . . November 15th

    Publication is sent out approximately 6 - 8 weeks post deadline



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