Scholarships and Awards


  • Founders Fund  In memory of Ethel Henderson, Mary Sandin, and Mary Black

  • "A.I." Scholarship For Maritime members of GCW, but may be given elsewhere if there are no Maritime applicants

  • Winnifred Mooney Scholarship

  • Guild Scholarship available to offset the cost of conducting a local workshop, to a guild that meets the scholarship criteria.

** Only members / guild members of three consecutive past years (including current year) may apply. **
Submit on or before October 31st of each year.
Each scholarship is $300.00 Canadian dollars.


  • Nell Steedsman Award: Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nell Steedsman began weaving in 1952 in Leamington, Ontario.  By 1959, she had earned the GCW Master Weaver Certificate.  She won many prizes in shows in Alberta and Ontario, as well as authoring two Workshop Series, one in collaboration with Winnifred Mooney.  In addition, she was President of the GCW from 1967 to 1971 and was in charge of the GCW Tests until 1994.  The Award has been developed in recognition of Nell's lifelong commitment and support of the Guild of Canadian Weavers.

    The Guild of Canadian Weavers Nell Steedsman Award honours excellence in quality of hand weaving. The Award is offered by the GCW for work that has been entered in a Regional Juried Exhibition that includes weaving. The recipient of the Award will receive a one-year membership to the Guild of Canadian Weavers and a Certificate of Recognition.

For more information on how and where the Nell Steedsman Award may be awarded: