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The Guild of Canadian Weavers is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organization. Established in 1947 by three Canadian weavers, we are dedicated to connecting this large nation through our collaborative efforts.  There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Guild of Canadian Weavers and we are always open to new ideas!



  • Editor

    We are looking for a volunteer who will be responsible for the design and layout of content for our quarterly publication The Bulletin. This is an invaluable experience, wherein you will communicate and work with weavers, writers and craftspeople from across Canada.

    • The candidate will be required to communicate and work with the board members and other volunteers.

    • Knowledge and agility with magazine styling, design and layout is an asset.

    • Bringing your own artistic voice is encouraged!

    • Candidate will receive mentorship from our previous editor and any members from whom they request guidance.

For more information on how to apply, please contact GCW Editor: canadianhandweaver@gmail.com




To apply you must be a member of the GCW in good standing.
All board positions and provincial representatives require a minimum of
TWO consecutive years of membership.

All Board Positions help guide decisions and the future direction of the Guild by attending meetings held by email. Formal job descriptions are available upon request.
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Provincial Representative: Holds a three-year term (two consecutive terms maximum), representing the GCW by answering weavers’ questions on how to join or what the GCW offers; giving ideas and opinions on plans for the GCW and voting on management issues at online Board  meetings.

Vice-President: Holds a two year term (two terms maximum), representing the GCW by promoting the benefits of membership; participating and voting on issues at online Board meetings.



  • 3rd Vice President

  • Provincial Representative (for the following)

    • Saskatchewan

    • Quebec

    • Northern/Nunavut



Guild of Canadian Weavers

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