Connecting weavers across the nation

Photo Credit:  Megan  Samms

Photo Credit:  Megan  Samms




In 1947, a small group of experienced weavers, namely Miss Mary E. Black of Nova Scotia, Mrs. Ethel M. Henderson of Manitoba, and Mrs. Mary Sandin of Alberta, drafted a plan to organize Canadian weavers into a nation-wide guild to be called the Guild of Canadian Weavers.

The purposes of the Guild were many, but the main objective was to raise the technical, mechanical and artistic standards of hand weaving among Canadian weavers. It was felt that this could be done most effectively through establishing examinations, or tests, based on the various levels of ability of the beginning, intermediate, senior and master weaver.

The Guild of Canadian Weavers has been build up through the dedication of committees and individuals working under the constraints of distance.  It is to the credit and perseverance of our members that today the Guild celebrates well into it's seventh decade as a national volunteer run organization.


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