Welcome to Guild of Canadian Weavers

The purposes of the GCW are many, but the main objectives are to raise the technical, mechanical and artistic standards of hand weaving among Canadian weavers.

The Guild of Canadian Weavers has been built up through the hard work, thought and interest of various committees and individuals working under the difficulties of distance and the written, rather than the spoken word. This is a large country, but its size is only appreciated when one experiences the problems of working on a committee whose members may live from one coast to the other. It is to the credit and perseverance of the members of these committees that today the Guild is a smoothly functioning organization unique in that it does not hold meetings or conventions on a national level.

It is interesting to note that Guild members are consistently listed among the top prize winners at Canadian and international exhibitions.

If you are not already a member we invite you to join us.  Browse our website and hopefully you will feel you have found a "like minded" community of weavers.  If you have something to contribute, please contact us, and always we welcome volunteers.

Join a conversation with other weavers on the GCW Blog, or on Facebook.