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As a member of the Guild of Canadian Weavers you are permitted to borrow books from our library. Why is this such an incredible advantage, in an age where books can be purchased so easily? Well, as you may find, some of the best weaving books are out of print. In fact, most of our personal favourites are rare and hard to find. Our library offers loans on many of these books.

Many weavers will be interested to know that the great majority of the books available for loan are from the library of the late Ethel M. Henderson, co-author of "Loom Music" with Mary Black and Mary Sandin, the founders of our Guild.

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GCW Terms & Conditions governing the borrowing of books

  1. Books may be borrowed by any current paid member of the Guild in Canada. Please Note: Cross border restrictions limit loans to CANADA ONLY.

  2. The Guild pays postage one way; the borrower pays the return postage.

  3. A total of two books, one booklet and one video may be borrowed at one time.

  4. Books are issued for a period of approximately six weeks. They must be posted for return by the date shown on the slip in the back of the book. Please be prompt!

  5. To renew your books, email Mrs. Suzanne Mooney, giving your name and the titles of the books you wish to retain. If there is no waiting list, the books may be kept for another three weeks.

  6. Any book listed in the catalogue may be reserved; that is if the book is not available or a substitution not acceptable, your request will be filled and the book forwarded as soon as possible.

  7. Please regard your use of the library as a privilege. Many of the books are out of print titles. Borrowers automatically agree to replace mutilated or lost books with a duplicate copy, one of similar content or by monetary donation in an amount equal to the books value.

NOTE: Books are not expected to be sent registered mail.

Books with an asterisk* (special category) require a deposit of $25.00 in the form of a cheque to be sent to the librarian. These are special books that usually cannot be replaced.  

Upon return of the books, the cheque will be returned or destroyed, whichever the member wishes.

Requests for books may be emailed to our Librarian:  Suzanne Mooney